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Massage Oils – Best Oils & How To Use It Safely

Massage oil

Massage has immense therapeutic value for everyone. Here we will explore its dignified character as a carrier oil and essential oil. Different oils are can be used for a variety of massages. In order to get the maximum benefit from the massage, a suitable oil for the massage should be selected. The most common massage oils are olive oil and almond oil.

The History Of Massage Oil

There are many more oils that can be used. It should come as no surprise that massage has been practiced since ancient civilizations. There is evidence that massage activities were carried out by most of the great civilizations such as the Chinese, the Indus Valley Civilization, the Mesopotamian Civilization, the Ancient Egyptian and Greek Civilization. It is possible that massage has been an integral part of our health system since ancient times. The earliest mention of massage can be found in the tomb of Akmanthor, a doctor in ancient Egypt. The ancient Chinese were masters in the art of massage. There are numerous volumes and texts on the art and technique of massage in China that integrate pressure points, meridian address, acupressure and acupuncture.

How To Choose Massage Oil

Massage oil is used in various medical treatments. Massage oil has certain properties that make it suitable for use in massage. These properties converge to relax. Massage oil shouldn’t be dense. It has a very low viscosity. Massage oil should be pure and well filtered. Massage oil should not be sticky like honey or sugar syrup. This means that it flows easily on the skin. When you apply massage oil, it moves easily in and out of the hand. Massage oil is absorbed into the skin, not the other way round.

You want the oil to stay in the massage and be absorbed further. Some oils, such as hemp oil, have a drying effect. They dry out faster than other oils and can cause the skin to feel slightly dry. This is desirable in some cases, but not for most types of massage. These oils moisturize and keep the skin hydrated and supple over a long period. Some oils have unpleasant odours and should be avoided if a massage is required. To mask these odours, scented essential oils are added to good oils.

Filtered oil generally feels better because it is more refined but it depends on the quality and purity of the oil. Unrefined oil, cold or pressed, may feel a little greasy and should be avoided when massaging oil, but there are other reasons to use massage oil.

The other thing to consider when choosing a massage oil is its cost and side effects. No specific oil is required for a full body massage. This is where the cost factor comes in. The other thing to consider when choosing massage oil is its cost and side effects. So the cost factor comes into play. All I need is 30 ml of oil for a full body massage. Some oils have stronger side effects than full body massages and expose the skin to large amounts of oil, which can be harmful.

How To Use Massage Oil

Generally, the massage should be performed with oil. Massage oil must reduce the friction between hands and skin. Otherwise, the massage can become very cumbersome. Oil has strong side effects on the whole body and exposes skin to large amounts of oil that can be harmful. Whether regular massage, deep tissue massage or chiropractic massage, including oil in the session will enhance the benefits of the session. Here are some of the best known and most widely used massage oils in the world. You can choose from one of these options.

Is Almond Oil Good For Massage?

Sweet almond oil is a very popular massage oil. It is a sweet and fragrant oil derived from sweet almonds. It also has all the perfect properties of a massage oil. It flows easily on the skin, is not easily absorbed and maintains its oiliness for a long time. It is also very thin and light. The best thing about this oil is that your hands will love it.

Is Olive Oil Good For Baby And Body Massage?

Olive oil is also known as an oil for infant massage. The person who gives the massage knows how important it is that the oil gently slide over the hands and skin. Use it for adults, too. Olive oil is a beautiful massage oil that tends to improve and strengthen the elasticity of the skin. It tends to make the skin look a bit bronzed over time. With regular massages, the skin looks young and shiny. It has been used in the Mediterranean region since ancient times for young and old.

Is Coconut Oil Good For Massage?

Coconut oil is an absolute favourite oil for many people. Regular coconut oil solidifies better in cold weather. Coconut oil is also excellent for massage. Coconut oil is good for people with back acne. It is colourless and light enough to absorb into the skin. Heat the oil and lightly apply to the skin. Coconut oil is popular in coastal and tropical regions.

Is Grape Seed Oil Good For Massage?

Grape seed oil is light and thin and it prevents breakouts and does not block skin pores. It feels shiny and silky on the skin. It is cheaper than other oils and makes a good massage oil. The rich sensation differs from other massage oils. You must prepare infusion oils such as rosemary massage oil or grapeseed oil as the carrier of choice. Grape seed oil is very nutritious as it contains high amounts of linoleic acid.

Is Sesame Oil Good For Massage?

Sesame oil absorbs herbs and their nutrients and acts as a vector to transport them to the skin. According to the Charak Samhita, one of the ancient Ayurvedic texts, sesame oil is the best oil for the human body. It is extracted from sesame, which is highly appreciated in Ayurveda. Sesame oil has a high nutritional value and is good to preserve the structures of the body such as tendons, ligaments and muscles. Ayurveda recommends a daily massage with sesame oil in the process known as abhyanga. It is a superficial massage with warm oil.

Is Jojoba Oil Good For Massage?

Jojoba oil is similar to human sebum, the natural body oil. As a result, it’s very oily. It is not comedogenic and poses no risk of clogged skin pores. Jojoba is not only excellent for massages, but also for people with acne problems. This oil is a haven for people who have skin problems such as acne outbreaks.

Is Sunflower Oil Good For Massage?

Sunflower oil is an inexpensive oil that can be used for body massages.

Is Apricot Kernel Oil Good For Massage?

Apricot kernel oil has properties similar to almond oil, but is more expensive. It flows easily over the skin and is thick. It is good for generating traction in the hands and is ideal for chiropractic massage.

Is Wheat Germ Oil Good For Massage?

Wheat germ oil is an oil made from wheat germ that is thick and viscous. However, it is not conducive to massage. The addition of coconut or grapeseed oil can make it more suitable for massage. Wheat germ oil is a good source of vitamin E and planetary oil. It is best used in conjunction with rosehip and hip seed oil. Wheat germ oil and rose seed oil form a powerful antioxidant combination that protects the skin from all possible damage caused by free radicals.

Is Mustard Oil Good For Massage?

Mustard oil can also be used as massage oil. It smells pungent and sharp. Mustard oil is very popular in India, especially in the south.

Is Avocado Oil Good For Massage?

Avocado oil is a thick oil with a yellowish colour. It is ideal for facial massages and hot oil treatments. This special extra virgin oil is rich in chlorophyll and carotenoid pigments from a special variety of avocado oil called Hass. It has a bright green color.

Is Kukui Nut Oil Good For Massage?

Kukui nut oil is extracted from the Kukui nut tree, the national tree of Hawaii. It is a light amber oil with excellent emollient and mositurizer properties. It is a great oil for massages.

Safe Usage Of Massage Oil

As you can see, there are a variety of massage oils that can be used for special massage techniques. Some oils are very suitable and some are not mentioned at all. The massage oils described above are safe and harmless, but it can prove risky for some people. The idea is to use an oil that promotes a supportive massage. Although used in many forms of massage, do not use this oil obsessively.

People with heart disease or cardiovascular problems should avoid oil massages because they are high in fat. Dialysis patients should not resort to oil-based massages.

Many oils have anticoagulant properties. People at risk of abnormal bleeding disorders should avoid massage oils that do not have anticoagulant properties. If you suffer from cancer, avoid such sessions as they can damage sensitive tissue, especially cancerous tissue.

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